ValEUs as a lifestyle


Each working group will have students focus on activities dealing with six main values (tolerance, solidarity, peace, freedom, democracy and equality)  such as  power point presentations, poems, essay writing and/or acrostics, posters, drawings, digital photographs, websites or whatever considered appropriate by the teachers. English will be the vehicular language. Italian and Slovenian will also be used to favour knowledge of cultures and their integration.



Our Common Objectives


Awareness of their European citizenship and enhanced knowledge on the artistic heritage of the partner country, consolidation of the vehicular language, deepening of contents on the chosen theme, particular stress given to the importance of tolerance in a group work, methods of collaboration in getting to objectives, deepening knowledge of ICT skills.



Our Method


Choice of theme, working group forming, definition of tasks, activity development, monitoring, evaluation and publication of the work online on two dedicated linked websites, enhancement of the validity of the digital resource.


Impact foreseen


Reinforcing a 'Common Identity' through a better knowledge of the partner country, of English as the vehicular language, of ICT abilities, enhancement of the students’ awareness of the importance of exercising an active European citizenship. Dissemination through dialogue and publishing on websites, diffusion among the students and teachers of the whole school, of the local community, of parents and relatives.


Products to share : )


Digital photos, drawings, short essay production on the theme and/orshort mini-lectures and debates in class made in the vehicular language (English), posters or ppt in English as the vehicular language, class exhibitions, website producing.