ValEUs as a lifestyle


The students involved at Liceo Classico Plauto - Rome, Italy - are the ones from Ist and IInd form ASU, 4th and 5th  form B, 4th and 5th form D.

They are about 180 boys and girls.


Preparatory phase

September 2012 

- Online contact between Prof. Noemi Lusi and Prof. Magdalena Bobek to agree on content and objectives of the project

October 2012

Authorization received from both Italian and Slovenian E-twinning authorities

November 2012

- Brainstorming on E.U. values and citizenship in class as a preparatory activity to  'ValEUs as a lifestyle...'- An  E-twinning project between Italy and Slovenia

Beginning phase (December 2012- January 2013)

1) focusing on internet research on partner countries, dividing in working groups, electing their group leader;

2) concentrating on each other's cultures, cities and/or regions online;

3) selecting ideal activities among the planned ones and  working on them;

Intermediate phase (February 2013)

February 2013

Work  on the definitions of the six main values of the E.U.:

1) Solidarity

2) Tolerance

3) Peace

4) Equality

5) Freedom

6) Democracy


Students in groups will elaborate their own definitions to be published them online to share our thoughts with our Slovenian friends

Advanced phase (March and April 2013)

March and April 2013


Debates with older boys and girls in English on the main values of the EU and about the definitions given by the younger students.

In groups students will reflect on solidarity, tolerance, peace, freedom, democracy and equality and trying to see what  they could do to make those values part of  'their lifestyle' 

Actions in their family, among friend, in class, at school will be planned, experienced and reported on ppts, some of which with sound files too.


Final phase (May 2013 - June 2013)

May 2013


Posters on values will be made by students and a school exhibition organized to celebrate Europe Day 2013

June 2013

Products will be put online by Prof. Noemi Lusi and Prof. Magdalena Bobek