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IInd Form ASU - 14, 15-year-olds

Six of the eight values of the European nations

Group 1

According to us, solidarity is when some people support other people and they share opinions, feelings, aims. A loyal person helps other people, gives them moral support and suggestions. Solidarity is when people help others to be happy, they do this charmingly and they don’t want anything back. But people in need shouldn’t take advantage of them.

According to us, tolerance means accetping and respecting  other nations, religions, cultures. Tolerance brings people to be moderate towards  others. It happens when people bear what could be annoying for them and this is an important peculiarity that a European nation should have. One example is when some nations accept the arrival of foreigners in their country.


According to us, freedom is when people can do what they want respecting the laws. There are many examples of freedom: when everybody can express their opinions, ideas about politics, religion and personal situations; when people can be what they want and they aren’t afraid of being judged. Freedom is an important value that every nation should have. Remember: Freedom is when you follow your heart, but take your brain with you!    


According to us, equality is when people are uniformed in front of the law without distinction of sex, religion, race, culture, language, political opinion, personal condition. Education can give us equality. Equality is very important because people shouldn’t  feel different. Everybody should have the same possibilities of working, praying, being whatever they want.


According to us people shouldn’t only speak about peace, but we believe in this value and we should work on it. There isn’t a key to peace, because the door is always open! Peace means living together in harmony accepting different opinions without quarrelling. Races and colours don’t exist, the world is a big family. Remember: we are what we do, not what we say!


According to us Democracy is when people are free to talk about their opinions without prejudices.
Democracy is a type of Government where there is no difference among people.

Group 2

EQUALITY: The principle of equality is a pre-requisite of a democratic society. Equality means that there should be no discrimination based on gender, economic conditions, race, religion or any other detail that characterizes each of us.

FREEDOM: Freedom does not mean doing whatever we want.  . Being free means expressing yourself freely, voting freely, means being able to work and living a dignified life. Freedom is the  basis of our life.

PEACE: Peace is the ideal condition for all the people in the world and we all have to defend it and to make sure that is not violated. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world there is still someone who thinks that things can be solved by war. but this is not true. Peace is the solution to all problems.

DEMOCRACY: the first democratic state was Athens, in Ancient Greece. Democracy means that the power is in the hands of the people and it is exercised through voting. We think that democracy is very important because it allows people to live freely and to express their opinion. Thanks to democracy, there is no discrimination based on social class, gender, religion or race.

TOLERANCE: Tolerance means respecting others, even if other people have different tastes, if they cheer for a different team, if they have a different skin colour or if  they have a different political opinion.

In synthesis in tolerance makes us all feel equal despite differences

SOLIDARITY: solidarity is a quality which implies being close to a person who is in trouble and trying to do everything for that person.


Group 3

The word democracy comes from the Greek one " demos" that means people and "cratia" management , because the power belongs to the population and not to a king, an aristocracy or a dictator. Democracy is based on the values of freedom and equality. This means that everyone has the possibility to do whatever he wants and no one can judge his behaviour, except when he forces someone else against his own will. Collective decisions are taken by people through representatives that make up the Parliament. This political system has guaranteed peace, political stability and economical development since the end of war world II, but not without risks. People in fact can be easily influenced by a charismatic personality who can take advantage to establish a dictatorship.

Solidarity is a word that means something that is done with goodwill. In fact when people are friendly, kind and want to do something for someone else we can say that these people are expressing  “solidarity”. Even a little thing, for a poor, sad person, can make the difference. There are many ways to express solidarity: a well-known one is volunteering. Mostly in this period with the economic crisis, there are so many people who haven’t got money to buy even food like bread. So, if someone helps them, they can smile . It would be wonderful if everyone did something for someone else. The world would be better.

Peace is love, respect and it is a synonym of civilization. Everybody should strive to have peace. Peace is not only the opposite of the word “war”; it is one of the fundamental values of the human life. Peace in fact is when we act in the right way and when among human beings  love and justice reign. Peace can mean the end of a war or the harmony that there is among people. It is a personal , social, political, rational condition characterized by harmony and absence of tensions and conflicts.

Freedom is another value that states that everyone can express  his ideas, ideals, thoughts, without fear of being criticized.  Freedom is the respect that everyone has for himself and for other people. It is a right that we all have since we are born, even if ( often and especially in some countries) it is taken away by some people who have not the right to do so. Freedom is also the respect that everyone has to have for people who are different  in sex, age, religion,  worship, origin. 

According to us, Tolerance is a word that explains the concept of respect. Tolerance is a sociologic, cultural and religious word and it helps us to live. Tolerance means “spiritual or physical capability of enduring, allowing or accepting ideas  different from  our own, showing understanding even when we disapprove. We think that tolerance is very important and could be the  basis for living.
Whatever their class, sex, or religion, every man is equal to another.
It is a very important ideal and  one of the  basic principles of the Italian Constitution .
There should be no difference among human beings.


Group 4

According to us, solidarity is helping everybody who has a problem. Solidarity is working together and succeeding in making something good.


Everybody must learn to express solidarity towards other people that are less lucky than they are. Unfortunately there are some people who don't care about the people around them, but they only care about themselves.


According to us democracy is the people's power.

It is an important thing that helps us to be free.


Democracy help us to express what we think, in a civil way.

It is the only form of government in which everyone has the right to decide what to do and not do.


According to us, peace means living in harmony
with other people. Peace is avoiding conflict, living with people different from us and trying not to isolate the ones that have little diversities. It is the end of human stupidity.


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According to us, solidarity is helping everybody who has a problem. Solidarity is working together and succeeding in making something good. Everybody must learn to express solidarity towards other people that are less lucky than they are. Unfortunately many people only care about themselves.


Democracy helps  us  express what we think, in a civil way.

It is the only form of government in which everyone has the right to decide what to do and not do, always complying to rules and laws.


According to us, peace means living in harmony with other people. Peace is avoiding conflict, living with people different from us and trying not to isolate the ones who have little diversities.

According to us, equality means being all on the same level. Equality means there is no difference between female and male, black and white, rich and poor.


According to us, tolerance means being  indulgent and patient towards others. It is a kind of wisdom that brings people to be moderate towards the ones who think in a different way from us.


According to us, freedom is the ability of  choosing and believing while respecting other peoples’ choices and beliefs.


Group 6

According to us, solidarity is a principle.This means that if you want to express solidarity, you must have the following virtues:you must have the will to help the people that are  weaker or that are more in need.
DEMOCRACY: According to us, democracy is a principle that is based on the  power of people.This means that everyone should be able  to have the same rights and the same duties. Democracy is also a principle that includes the legal equality of the citizens.Democracy is also a principle  people should have the right to have freedom of speech. Finally the democracy is a political principle that develops a State.
TOLERANCE: According to us, tolerance is a virtue. This virtue is founded  on the individual and collective principle of peacefully living together. So if we want to be tolerant towards people, we must  respect them. In fact we should respect  people even if they have different ideas from ours. Finally  tolerance is one of the most important principles,  if we want to be united.
EQUALITY: According to us, equality is the factor on which a society must be founded. In fact this principle is based on the ideal that everyone is equal. We must have the same rights and the same duties as a person.There is no difference among us because we are people and so we should be treated equally. For example we should have the same food, care and the same education.If we don’t  respect  this principle we cannot save the world.
FREEDOM: According to us, freedom is a right that belongs to everyone.This is the power of a person to live his life as he wants without  any obstacle.We are free to speak has we want or to wear the clothes that we like or listen to the music that we prefer etc. Freedom is also intended as  freedom of religion. A person that practices a different religion must have the same freedom and the same respect that we have for another person.
PEACE: According to us, peace is the most important value in the world. Only through peace we can live peacefully with the rest of the world. Peace is  respect towards other people but it is also  respect towards religions ad races.We cannot discriminate  other people just because they are different from us. We should be united and we must help each other not  to fight among ourselves.

Group 7

According to us, democracy in one of the best type of governments.
Democracy means that it is the population who directly decides the destiny of their nation. This type of governament gives everyone the opportunity to freely express  ideas, even if it is the majority who wins. For this reason, democracy is also a sensible from of government,
In fact nowadays it is very easy to change someone's opinion, just using the medias. To avoid this problem we have to remember that democracy was born togheter with knowledge sharing. We have to share our own idea if we want other people to understand our action.
According to us, there are several forms of freedom. More generally freedom is the possibility of doing what you like, whenever you want.
But in time the definition has changed. The first and most important truth is the freedom to think. It may appear obvious, but even today there are a lot of nations where this is not possible. The concept of freedom involves also the physical aspect. But the most important kind of freedom is the freedom of the soul: the personality of a person, even in chains, can't be destroyed if his/her spirit is free.
According to us, peace is only a utopia. Peace meas there aren't wars or disagreements on the earth. Unfortunately the vision of a beautiful world is impossible to be put into practice because the human being has the tendency to overwhelm his neighbour, using force to prevail. For this reason we have to fight against this tendency.
There is also an important award for those who are considered the guardians of peace on Earth. It is the Nobel prize. One of the most important people who won this prize was mother Teresa of Calcutta, who every day of her life helped the poor, bringing peace in their hearts.
According to us, equality is one of a most important concepts from a juridic point of view. Equality means that every single person has to be jugded according to what he/she did. More generally, equality
means that every person has the same possibilities, both from an economical and on a social point of view. On earth  there are too many differencies among people. This inequality is caused by racial, economic and social reasons. We need to change, in order to have the possibility to choose our own future.
According to us, tolerance is one of the most important qualities. Unfortunately often people lack it. Being tolerant means  accepting the differences between ourselves. More specifically a tolerant person is someone that can understand people's  situations and their problems. Tolerance is a quality that each person can have, but you have to work very hard to become a real tolerant person. Being tolerant is necessary to create an ideal world.
According to us, solidarity is a sort of moral duty towards people and it helps to endure the difficulties of life. There are lot of people who need solidarity, because they live in some part of the world, where war and famine reign. Children in particular need special treatments: cures, food, water and most of all ... a smile.

When we think about solidarity, in fact, we imagine a hug and a warm smile.